AAR Cold Chain Solutions


AAR Cold Chain Solutions manufactures, leases, sells, and services advanced active temperature-control shipping containers for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Their PharmaPort® containers provide safe, reliable 5°C door-to-door transport of pharmaceuticals and other high-value cargo. The safety, viability, and efficacy of critical pharmaceuticals are assured through the entire distribution process with PharmaPort®. During unexpected delays, on tarmac, in air freight cargo holds at altitude, in transition from ground-to-air and back, awaiting customs clearance and cross-border transfer, the redundant active temperature control systems and 24/7 monitoring capability provide peace of mind and enhance supply chain integrity.
AAR Cold Chain Solutions wanted to better understand the needs of their customers and any gaps in service with the current market offerings (e.g. Envirotainer, C-Safe, Pelican Biopharma/MTS, etc.).  The first step was to conduct a Voice of the Customer exercise with approximately a dozen biopharmaceutical/lifesciences thought leaders to capture requirements and feedback on competitor service offerings and technology. In addition to understanding client needs, a survey of actual market pricing available to a range of manufacturers was desired to better prepare pro forma financials for the coming fiscal year
The focus of the engagement was to:

  • Conduct Voice of the Customer process with twelve industry leaders

  • Provide recommendations on quality attributes for best-on-class service

  • Estimate pricing targets based on current market conditions

Value to AAR Cold Chain Solutions
The value of this project to AAR Cold Chain Solutions was multifold:

  • Access to industry thought leaders in a blinded format to gain insight into the active container market

  • Verification of assumptions with qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques

  • Documentation of gaps, opportunities, and recommendations for new techcnology from proven experts in the pharmaceutical cold chain supply chain


  • Identify thought leaders for Voice of Customer.  Twelve (12) industry leaders will be contacted from current customer base and through industry contacts to participate in the Voice of the Customer exercise. These leaders will be pre-approved by the AAR Cold Chain Solutions management prior to execution. 

  • Prepare quality attributes report. An assessment report detailing the results of the Voice of the Customer process will be prepared. The report will provide specific feedback on current service offerings and the quality attributes of a best in class service and technology bundle.

  • Estimate current market pricing. In alignment with the quality attributes reports, an estimate of current market pricing for similar service and technology bundles will be completed.

  • Present findings. The quality attributes and pricing estimate will be presented and discussed with the AAR Cold Chain Solutions management team.

The information gathered through the voice of the customer survey allowed AAR Cold Chain Solutions to better understand the current pain points in the market. They adapted their marketing and development of the Pharmaport® containers to reflect those pain points. AAR reported increased sales the following quarter citing the project with Modality Solutions as a major factor in that increase.