Clinical Trial Operations

Experienced cold chain management experts that support clinical trial operations provide many advantages. At Modality Solutions we offer medical monitoring, product safety, clinical monitoring, and project management. Our goal is to establish a collaborative relationship with our clients to deliver fast, successful, and scientifically sound clinical trial logistics deliverables. With Modality Solutions you get ongoing monitoring, staff training, data query resolution, drug supply accountability, and regulatory document preparation, review and collection. Every member of our team works to maximize clinical trial performance, clinical excellence, data integrity, and patient safety.

We are the experts in cold chain clinical trial logistics, and currently provide operational and technical support to the ongoing CDC-sponsored projects (Ebola vaccination in Sierra Leone), as well as providing assessments of multiple sites for the NIH with its vaccine projects in the Caribbean. We are very knowledgeable of the challenges of delivering refrigerated therapies in Zone 4 geographies. We understand the challenges to both health care staff and the proper storage and handling risks associated with temperature-controlled vaccines.

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