Animal Health

Serving High-Value Animal Health Industries

Modality Solutions recognizes the need for solutions-based, thermal package engineering and controlled-environment logistics for the high-value Companion Animal and Production Animal products industry.
  • Extensive and varied human and animal nutrition research is leading to the rapid development of advances in the formulation of animal products.
  • By 2050, demand for beef, pork and poultry is expected to double and the world population is projected to increase by 3 billion people. This convergence means further globalization of the food chain to meet demand. The distribution of the necessary animal health medications must match the needs of the food chain to support this growth.

Our subject-matter expertise in design/qualification, laboratory testing, package engineering and controlled-environment logistics solutions makes Modality Solutions a one-stop resource for high-value animal health product development and distribution -- including final product, as well as critical intermediaries.

We Need to Talk If You Are a . . .

  • Scientist, Innovator or Research-based Developer translating basic research into high-value products and formulations for human and/or animal nutrition, health, wellness products.
  • Science Consultant supporting innovators and research-based developers developing products for the agricultural or healthcare-related industries.
  • Management or Development Consultant assisting developers in the technology transfer, process development, manufacturing, and quality compliance in order to move human and/or animal nutrition or wellness discoveries to delivery.
  • Industry Supplier providing thermal packaging design, and controlled-environment logistics products and services to these high-value product industries.

As a company we are driven by innovation and technology to help bring novel animal health products to the global marketplace.

Our multi-disciplinary team is ready to help you with your cold chain needs or existing program. For more information, contact us today.