Just last year we helped more than 20 leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies integrate their cold chain management systems. As subject matter experts, we are featured webinar and podcast guests, and our team members frequently serve as resources for industry trade digital and print publications. We have appeared in or contributed articles to the following respected media outlets: Life Science Leader, PharmaVOICE, Cold Chain IQ, Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging, Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, World Trade WT100, Supply Chain Brain, and Specialty PHARMA Journal to name a few.

Podcasts, Webinars, and Video Interview

Podcast: My Do’s and Don’ts for Integrating Cold Chain Management Systems
Gary Hutchinson
Hosted By : Andrea Charles
Cold Chain IQ
February 27, 2012

Podcast: Best Practices for Transporting Biologics:
Gary Hutchinson
Hosted By: Shawn Siegel
Cold Chain IQ
May 1, 2013

Webinar: Managing Risk in Your Cold Chain
Gary Hutchinson
Host: Daphne Allen
Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
October 15, 2013

Video Interview: Integrating Your Cold-Chain Management Systems
Gary Hutchinson
By: SupplyChainBrain
July 06, 2012

News Articles

Creating Value Through Innovation
Gary Hutchison
The Forum for the Industry Executives
April 2016
Volume 16 Number 4

A new way to look at the performance of passive cold-chain shipping containers
Paul Harber
Dr. Bernard McGarvey
Geoffrey Kaiser
Shreyas Panse
Pharmaceutical Commerce
January / February 2016

Logistics Network Launches the Control Room Temperature: Supply, Storage & Strategy Resource Centre
Gary Hutchinson
Cold Chain IQ News
March 15, 2013

Thermal Shipping Technologies – Packing Heat?
Gary Hutchinson
Specialty Pharma
By: Ron Krawczyk

Intermodal is Viable – and Growing – for Cold Shipping
Gary Hutchinson
By Gail Dutton
World Trade WT 100
January 4, 2013

Mode Shifting Dos, Don’ts and Benefits
Gary Hutchinson
By Gail Dutton
World Trade WT-100
February 1, 2013

It's controlled room temperature time
Gary Hutchinson
Healthcare Packaging

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: The Next Green Frontier
Written by Gary Hutchinson
Life Science Leader
August 2012

Filling in the Engineering Gap
Gary Hutchison
By Daphne Allen
Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News
March 2nd, 2012

Industry News

Modality Solutions Addresses Supply Chain Security
and Interview with Daniel Littlefield

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
May / June 2014

Biopharmaceutical Industry Discusses Product Transport Validation
Modality Solutions
Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
July / August 2013

Modality Solutions Announces New Advantage Transport Simulation Laboratory
Modality Solutions
Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
July / August 2012

Refrigerated Transporter
Modality Solutions Launch Story

Cold Chain Management Company Launches
What's New
April 2012