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sataria group greg westover modality solutions
sataria group greg westover modality solutions

"We wanted easy to follow instructions for partners in our new temperature-controlled LTL network. Modality Solutions took the time to understand our business and designed a process that met our needs.”

- Greg Westover, VP of Sales and Marketing


When the Sataria Group, experts in temperature-controlled distribution, wanted to address the frustrations freight managers face every day with less than truckload (LTL) services - costly rates, delivery delays, shipment quality issues, sketchy customer service - they called Modality Solutions to help design the monitoring and controls needed to ensure end-to-end temperature control within their new LTL network. Within the Sataria 3PL Cold Chain Network, you can ship refrigerated/frozen LTL with secure, reliable refrigerated carriers at incredibly low rates. Sataria provides top tier refrigerated logistics and supports it with outstanding customer service. A national network of five cold storage warehouses streamlines consolidation/deconsolidation operations resulting in some of the lowest refrigerated LTL freight rates available.

  • Secure, sanitary transport by the highest quality refrigerated/frozen carriers for more timely deliveries and greater product safety.
  • Shortened delivery times increase product shelf life.
  • More efficient schedules – less lead-time and fewer no-shows.

Modality Solutions was asked to create the visual and procedural controls required in a distributed network to ensure end-to-end temperature control and monitoring. We started with defining the network and the critical control points: local origin pick up, origin storage, line haul, destination storage, and destination delivery. Each step needed controls and chain-of-custody confirmation for each delivery because each origin, destination, and line hauls could be a ‘mixed’ load with multiple customers and multiple stops. Modality Solutions designed a simple to follow shipping manual that used a combination of easy to follow procedures and supporting visual controls for each step of the process. Key processes were defined for all partners (3PLs, local drayage, and line haul trucking) to follow:

  • Package/pallet configuration
  • Marking and labeling
  • Shipping and receiving

The key was to focus on proper pallet configuration and loading techniques to ensure proper air flow while in transit. Each pallet was given a unique identifier and tracked with the Sataria ERP with all required data elements:

  • Sataria Order Number
  • Unique pallet reference number
  • Consignee’s purchase order number
  • The weight of each pallet
  • Case count of each pallet (where applicable)

A simple, easy to follow check sheet was created to ensure each pallet was properly handled and stored each step along the way and positive controls (e.g. inspection and sign off) were in place for each party in the cold chain. The result was an easy to implement, easy to train, and easy to execute system of procedural and visual controls that allowed Sataria to focus on customer service by ensuring the proper care was documented at each step of the way.