Thermal Packaging

Design, Development & Qualification

You benefit when you choose a team that includes industry-recognized, subject-matter experts in thermal packaging engineering design, development and qualification. Modality Solutions’ integrated offering of the Advantage Transport Simulation Laboratory testing facility combined with thermal package design engineering is the answer to maintaining product quality and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Thermal Packaging Engineering Solutions

According to Pharmaceutical Commerce, the best estimate of controlled-environment logistics spending in 2008 was approximately $5.2 billion in a $43 billion overall pharmaceutical logistics market. $2.0 billion was spent in specialized distribution packaging and instrumentation, such as insulated boxes, blankets, phase-change materials, active-temperature-control shipping containers and various temperature sensors and recorders. Modality Solutions’ clients leverage over 100 years of combined experience in delivering precise environmental hazards’ protection for biopharmaceuticals, health, nutrition, wellness products and more. Using an iterative process design approach, your product protection is our engineering team’s number one priority.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance, Quality & Safety

Our thermal packaging design and qualification minimize or eliminate transportation environmental hazards in the supply chain. They enhance the reputation of our clients by ensuring regulatory compliance, product quality, and consumer safety during development through clinical trials and into commercial distribution. Modality Solutions’ recognized thought leadership in GMP regulations, standards-based approaches, and compliance solutions differentiates our solutions from more traditional packaging, process development or management firms. Typically these companies focus on single perspectives-- packaging design or testing without bringing the GDP regulatory compliance experience we have to the table. Our principals have demonstrated subject-matter expertise in International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) standards, cGDP regulations, and Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) guidance documents, along with specialized skills in pharmaceutical packaging, import/export, and controlled-environment logistics management.

Performance Curves

Courtney Collins of Pharmaceutical Outsourcing interviewed Gary Hutchinson, Daniel Littlefield and Paul Harber at the 14th Cold Chain Global Forum. The Modality Solutions’ principals discussed a new way to look at the performance of passive cold-chain shipping containers. A ‘performance curve’ chart for containers could simplify the process.

Performance Curves - A New Approach

Value of Performance Curves

Performance Curves vs. Traditional Thermal Shippers

Practical Implications of Performance Curves

Click here to read the Paul Harber, Bernard McGarvey, Geoff Kaiser and Shreyas Panse article on Performance Curves.

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