Cold Box


Can a review of total delivered cost of active shippers challenge conventional wisdom? Reinvention in the cold chain is already happening in many areas. The pressure is on to balance costs, compliance, and quality. Managers have taken the traditional route of cost cutting, looking to procurement to identify ways to find savings across various areas of the supply chain. While this approach has generated some short-term gains, it can pay only limited dividends.


  • Evaluate an active vs. passive solution which is more expensive
  • Testing verified the design for use in a wide variety of applications
  • Maintain a range of set points in variable ambient conditions


  • The empty weight to payload ratio lowers total delivered cost
  • Active refrigeration has the lost cost per case delivery for all major cold chain technologies on the market
  • Active refrigeration has the lowest standard labor costs for shipping and handling

Is it Time to Re-evaluate your Cold Chain Technology Strategies?

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