Case Study: Ensuring Drug Product Quality Through Transportation Simulation


Qualify a shipper used to transfer laboratory samples between their contract sites. Additional testing expanded to evaluations of suitability of various container configurations to support the drug product Eylea in support of their VelociSuiteĀ® technologies, a world-class manufacturing operation with one of the largest human genetics sequencing efforts in the world.


  • Support packaging qualification efforts on the pipeline.
  • Evaluate and implement packaging improvements.
  • Provide guidance on industry trends and practice.


  • Transport testing of 2 cases of product of twenty-four Eylea vial kits containing vials and kits.
  • Plunger movement is within range and multiple exposures of low-pressure with no cumulative effects.
  • Improved syringe retention with 9-count tray as compared to current 7-count tray configuration.