AI-Driven Cold Chain Optimization

Find out how our AI-Driven platform can optimize your choices for both drug transport safety and cost.

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AI-Driven Cold Chain Optimization

An AI-Driven Platform That Optimizes Your Cold Chain

When it comes to transporting today’s biotherapies, optimizing your cold chain is a must. Whether they are high-value, fragile, or hard-to-obtain, drug products with controlled-temperature requirements need extra care and attention in transit. But unless you take the optimal approach to designing your cold chain and selecting your thermal packaging, you could incur unnecessary costs.

Putting AI to Work for Your Cold Chain

Modality Solution’s proprietary AI-driven platform is the key to optimizing your cold chain—giving you confidence that you can protect your drug products in transit without overpaying for packaging or shipping.

Use the power of AI to make optimal logistics decisions

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We put the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to work to optimize your cold chain and protect your fragile or temperature-sensitive therapeutics in transit. Using a proprietary process and advanced modeling capabilities, Modality Solutions helps you arrive at the optimal decision when it comes to choosing shipping lanes and thermal packaging.

First, we feed your weather data variables—based on your shipping origin, destination, and date—into a machine learning algorithm that predicts the shipping lane temperature and displays it in an easy-to-use graphical format.

The result: An accurate calculation of the predicted temperature your thermal packaging will experience inside the truck (not the ambient temperature), which enables us to gauge how heat will transfer into your packaging.

Next, we use our advanced container model to optimize all shipping lanes, packaging options, service levels, and shipping days for your drug product. The model uses your shipping date and time, lane temperature data, and container temperature data to calculate the expected heat transfer to your packaging—solving many equations simultaneously, much faster than industry-standard models.

The result: A decision matrix that displays the cost/risk ratio for various containers, enabling you to make the best choice.

Our AI-Driven Capabilities
Make the Difference

Our AI-Driven Capabilities <br>Make the Difference

Modality Solutions uses AI and machine learning to arrive at the optimal thermal packaging solution for your therapy.

Other providers typically measure packaging temperature from the outside in, then select different packaging options conducive to winter and summer weather. Our AI-driven approach goes much further—yielding meaningful, actionable data you can use to select the packaging solution with the best risk/cost ratio for your specific shipping lanes, saving time and money.

Why is our AI-driven platform a better approach to optimizing your cold chain logistics?

  • We measure temperature from the outside in, providing a more meaningful indicator of how temperature is impacting your drug product.
  • We use local, real-time data on the specific shipping lanes your package will travel, updated every four hours, for the most accurate lane profiles.
  • Our predictive weather modeling forecasts future conditions for your shipping lanes (unlike platforms that only rely on historical weather data).
  • Our machine learning algorithms use future weather forecasts to predict your shipping lane temperature for the intended shipping dates, then translates that data into a projected temperature inside your packaging.
  • Our packaging modeling application solves hundreds of problems in minutes (unlike platforms that only address one problem at a time).
  • We use the data from our model to develop a decision matrix depicting the risk for multiple cold chain package types—equipping you with the risk/cost ratios youneed to choose the most cost-effective solution.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving the Pharma Supply Chain

How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving the Pharma Supply Chain

Artificial intelligence (AI) will transform the pharmaceutical cold chain — not in the distant, hypothetical future, but in the next few years. When coupled with machine learning and predictive analytics, the AI transformation goes much deeper than smarter search functions. It holds the potential to address some of the biggest challenges in pharmaceutical cold chain management.

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Cold Chain Solutions That Leverage Our AI Platform

Modality offers an unrivaled combination of technical capabilities and solutions that drive and leverage our AI platform, helping to guide advanced therapies through regulatory filing to the commercial market.

See which solutions are right for your therapeutic type and your current clinical phase.

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