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Cold Chain Engineering

Cold Chain Engineering to Protect Your Advanced Therapeutics

When your new therapeutic is fragile or has controlled-temperature requirements, you need a supply chain that’s up to the challenge of maintaining your drug product’s stability, safety, and efficacy, all the way from manufacturer to patient. That’s the job of cold chain engineering. And that’s what Modality Solutions is uniquely qualified to provide.

Why Advanced Therapeutics Need Cold Chain Engineering

The pharmaceutical supply chain has never been more complex, especially for protein-based therapies and personalized medicines. It’s critical to assess your transportation risks accurately, then design and optimize your cold chain to protect these fragile, high-value therapeutics. And that requires cold chain engineering.

Modality Solutions’ cold chain engineering capability is an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to designing and optimizing your biopharmaceutical cold chain to reduce your transportation risks—leveraging elements of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and packaging engineering.

Cold Chain Engineers Are a Unique Breed

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All of our in-house engineers have extensive experience applying their skills and backgrounds to the task of solving cold chain problems for advanced therapeutics.

Engineers in each of these fields share a common mission: Finding practical solutions to problems by applying scientific and mathematical principles. When it comes to solving cold chain problems, each specialty at Modality Solutions brings a unique and valuable perspective to providing data-driven validation of your cold chain—ensuring your drug product maintains its safety, stability, and efficacy all the way to the patient.

  • Our chemical engineers are especially adept at understanding how heat transfer and physical impact can affect your drug product formulation at the molecular level in transit.
  • Our mechanical engineers are highly expert in the complexities of how physical events like shock and vibration can impact your therapeutic during transportation.
  • Our biomedical engineers have an in-depth understanding of a drug’s biological mechanisms, how the patient and therapeutic interface, and the intricacies of protecting drug-device combination products throughout the supply chain.
  • Our package engineers draw on their multi-disciplinary backgrounds to evaluate and select thermal packaging for therapies requiring refrigerator, deep-frozen, and cryogenic temperatures.

Just like your organization takes an integrated approach internally to prepare your therapeutic for the cold chain, Modality Solutions takes an integrated approach to applying cold chain engineering principles to protect your therapeutics in transit. We know that cold chain problems are multi-faceted, and there are often multiple paths to arrive at a solution. So we leverage multiple engineering disciplines—all residing in-house—to assess and reduce your cold chain risks with an optimal pharmaceutical supply chain.

Our Data-Driven Cold Chain Engineering Approach Makes the Difference

Our Data-Driven Cold Chain Engineering Approach Makes the Difference

Only Modality Solutions can combine all the disciplines needed for a true cold chain engineering approach, under one roof, as an integrated team. Our staff includes engineers from across the spectrum—all with the common capability of using engineering to solve problems, yet each with his or her own area of expertise when it comes to addressing pharmaceutical supply chain issues.

When you engage Modality Solutions, we assemble the best cold chain engineering team to tackle today’s cold chain complexities. Whether you’re in the early stages of designing your cold chain for a new therapeutic, preparing for a regulatory filing, or tackling a problem with a commercially approved drug product in the field, we provide specialists with expertise that matches your needs. From bringing in the right engineering disciplines, to providing resources with experience working on your therapeutic type, we staff your project with engineers who are unmatched in their ability to assess your needs and optimize and enhance your cold chain.

You won’t find a deeper, richer, more experienced bench of cold chain engineering experts in the industry.

Support your regulatory global requirements with Modality Solutions new Cold Chain Process Validation Guide. The guide addresses economic and regulatory pressures, accelerating costs, technology changes, and the need to constantly adapt your business model.

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A Cold Chain Engineering Solution for Every Possibility

No matter what your therapeutic will face in transit, and no matter where you are in the filing and approval process, our engineering solutions and technical capabilities can optimize your cold chain or solve issues you’re experiencing in the field.

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