Conquering Uncharted Territory: Supply Chain Validation for Cutting-Edge Cell Therapies

Conquering Uncharted Territory: Supply Chain Validation for Cutting-Edge Cell Therapies


Vertex Pharmaceuticals is a global biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing transformative treatments for serious diseases with a unique, robust pipeline.

Vertex, in partnership with CRISPR Therapeutics, embarked on the development of a cell therapy product—one of the first of its kind. Facing the complexity of a novel product and a supply chain with multiple critical components, Vertex needed assistance navigating an intricate and largely uncharted regulatory landscape.

The challenges for this new therapy were significant. Vertex required a supply chain validation for a product that was not only cutting-edge but also had to be maintained at cryogenic temperatures, with patient lives depending on the timely and intact delivery of the doses. The lack of industry guidance for such advanced therapy products only compounded the issue.


The primary objective was to provide Vertex with a comprehensive transport validation package to support
their regulatory submissions across the European Union, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and the US.

This would involve a series of tests, simulations, and studies to ensure all components of the supply chain adhere to the highest regulatory standards.


The partnership resulted in a robust transport validation strategy that not only met the rigorous demands of regulators but also provided Vertex with a clear pathway for their groundbreaking therapy. Modality Solutions’ strategies and efforts led to a successful filing with minimal follow-up questions from regulatory agencies (FDA, EMA, MHRA) and positioned Vertex for successful pre-approval inspections.

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