A Cold Chain Process Validation Guide: Part 3: Developing Mature Quality Systems

A Cold Chain Process Validation Guide: Part 3: Developing Mature Quality Systems

A Cold Chain Process Validation Guide: Part 3: Developing Mature Quality Systems

This six-part article series explores Cold Chain Process Validation, addressing the multifaceted challenges and evolving demands professionals like yourself face in ensuring product integrity from manufacturing to delivery. Amidst economic, technological, and regulatory pressures, the series begins with an overview of the cold chain validation process, emphasizing the need for comprehensive strategies to navigate competing priorities, sustainability initiatives, and the globalization of supply chains.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Integrating your Cold Chain Management Systems
  3. Developing Mature Quality Systems
  4. Component Qualification / Installment Qualification (CQ/IQ)
  5. Operational Qualification (OQ) for Drug Products
  6. Performance Qualification (PQ)

Developing mature quality systems is one of the biggest challenges and one of the most effective tools to manage a world-class cold chain logistics network. Making them work for you, and not the other way around, is key to your success. At their best, quality systems establish, implement, and maintain a set of processes to provide the highest quality service to customers, the highest level of effectiveness for management, and the most robust compliance approach for regulators.

At their worst, they get in the way, adding only administrative burden and redundant reviews to an already complex and fast-moving network. The value of an effective quality system that facilitates continual improvement cannot be overstated compared to an ineffectual system that only provides delays, derailments, and disasters.

An effective guide is needed to thoroughly review your quality management system processes and tools to identify opportunities to provide structure and clarity to assist in the continual improvement of your controlled-environment logistics network. A review of the following elements of your quality systems should ensure these foundational capabilities are in place for your cold chain:

Quality Manual, Standards, and SOPs

A review of your quality system structure focused on regulatory requirements, best practices, and ease of use. Match the size and complexity of the activities you manage to the complexity of your documentation.

Good Documentation Practices

Standardized templates, revision controls, and approval signatures are the cornerstones of an effective quality management system. Implementing the appropriate practices for your technical documents, protocols, and reports is required for a successful audit.

NCs and Exception Management

Non-conformances (NCs) and exception management are uncomfortable realities in a global controlled-environment logistics network. Properly documenting non-conformances and effectively managing and documenting exceptions requires a well-defined and streamlined approach. Handling NCs is key to continual improvement, coupled with an effective management review.

CAPA and Change Control

The procedures for implementing corrective and preventative action (CAPA) that help analyze processes, operations, records, complaints, and other sources of data to confirm root causes serve as one of the main roles of quality systems. A robust CAPA process uses appropriate statistical methods to identify trends and reoccurring non-conformances and provides investigational procedures to follow. Controlling change in your organization, identifying a planned approach to CAPA resolution, and including effectiveness verification, is necessary to drive continuous improvement.

Management Review

Any quality system needs management support to enact change. A management review process requires identification of key performance indicators with process control limits in place to determine when action is required. Self-assessments, audits, and guideposts provide the essential feedback loop built into your quality systems for the executive team to understand quality failures, process needs, and updates on improvements.

Use these tools to assess your capabilities, create time-bound improvement plans, and mentor your team on the opportunities for improved profitability and efficiency. Conducting a quality systems maturity assessment can lead the way to breakthrough performance.

Now that you know about the key to success with your quality management system, you can dive into the robust test standards and test methods that must be in place in your quality management system.

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