LoJack Supply Chain Integrity and Modality Solutions Partner in Cold Chain and Critical Supply Chain

LoJack Supply Chain Integrity and Modality Solutions Partner in Cold Chain and Critical Supply Chain

DALLAS, Tex.  March 19, 2013 — LoJack SCI, the leading supplier of supply chain integrity and tracking solutions, and Modality Solutions, a recognized innovator in cold chain and supply chain environmental assessment and engineering solutions, have announced a program to jointly provide integrated solutions to select high value cargo and highly-regulated supply chain markets.  The parties will provide comprehensive cold chain assessment, turnkey program implementation, monitoring, tracking, and informational feedback services to assure that high value, critical goods in transit are protected and meet specified regulatory shipping requirements.

Modality Solutions has extensive experience in modeling critical shipment parameters through their proprietary Advantage Transport Simulation Laboratory™ (ATSL).  ATSL significantly reduces product development cycle times by providing advance notice of prospective risks in various factors and modalities.  LoJack SCI’s extensive range of cellular GPS-based tracking technology in concert with the LoJack InTransit web portal monitoring system will serve as the eyes and ears to ensure that sensitive shipment protocols are maintained and that a wide range of compliance requirements are assured, on a 24 hour / 7 day a week basis.

LoJack SCI and Modality Solutions have agreed to develop a suite of unique technology and service solutions for cold chain and related environmentally sensitive shipment applications.  “We understand that this market has requirements which are much more stringent than general cargo transport, and our partnership with Modality Solutions brings a quantum leap in our ability to bring solutions that are comprehensive and address all risk factors in this specialized market.  The integration of the engineering, environment simulation and quality management systems expertise of Modality Solutions, coupled with LoJack SCI’s complete set of security and environmental monitoring capabilities, is aimed at customers needing a turnkey approach to these challenges,” stated Ted Wlazlowski, president and CEO, LoJack SCI.

“We see the addition of LoJack SCI’s real time tracking and monitoring capabilities to be a logical extension to Modality Solutions’ promise of what we engineer and recommend for our clients.  By having an onboard environmental monitoring technology to assure that critical-to-quality parameters are carefully monitored and carrier quality agreements are rigorously enforced, we can provide management information that will be both valuable and compliance supportive.  This feedback loop is critical for any world-class quality management system. We will provide continuous updates on status and provide chain of custody information to meet all current cGDP regulatory requirements which will serve as the basis for continuous improvement in validated controlled environment logistics networks,” said Gary Hutchinson, president of Modality Solutions.

The companies will provide seamless turnkey solution packages for the cold chain market, alleviating customers from having to construct extensive protection and compliance monitoring programs.

About LoJack SCI

LoJack Supply Chain Integrity (LoJack SCI) provides integrated solutions for supply chain protection that includes shared supply chain intelligence and analytics, covert cargo tracking, monitoring, and recovery services.  The LoJack SCI solutions feature proactive alert based security and increased visibility across all modes of transportation with clear chain of custody management utilizing active sensing of the cargo’s environment while in-transit.  For more information, go to http://www.lojacksci.com.

About Modality Solutions

Modality Solutions delivers integrated cold chain management solutions for highly regulated industries: such as biopharmaceutical, medical devices, animal health, food and beverage, and agriculture industries. The privately-held company provides solutions that define, minimize or possibly eliminate transportation environmental hazards in the supply chain. Consultants provide engineering / logistics consulting, systems integration and simulation laboratory services from discovery through distribution. For more information, go to https://www.modality-solutions.com/

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