Modality Solutions Appoints Robert Battista as Consulting Engineer

Modality Solutions Appoints Robert Battista as Consulting Engineer

Written by Modality Solutions

Posted on: November 14, 2017

Modality Solutions, a privately-held company that delivers integrated cold chain management solutions for highly regulated industries, has named Robert Battista Consulting Engineer.

HOUSTON, Tex., April 4, 2017 — Modality Solutions, LLC, a privately-held company that delivers integrated cold chain management solutions for highly regulated and tightly controlled life sciences and food industries, has hired Robert Battista as one of the firm’s consulting engineers. Battista attended The Ohio State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering with a minor in physical geography.

Battista works with the cold chain management firm’s clients to ensure proper design and use of cold chain systems. He writes standard operating procedures for cold chain related processes that meet regulatory requirements, drafts protocols and reports for the qualification of equipment and the validation of processes, reviews data packages for reports, and conducts in-person training for cold chain systems.

Prior to joining Modality Solutions, Battista completed the Gas Quality Internship at National Fuel Gas Co. in West Seneca, New York. His responsibilities included characterizing the accuracy and precision of a network of gas chromatographs and using trend analysis to determine the efficiency of the network using Six Sigma methodologies. In addition, he took on-site samples, readings and measurements of chromatographs as well as examined upper and lower BTU competency of machines based on archived data.

In addition, Battista’s expertise and research include reclamation of energy from pollutant bodies of water, operating characteristics of fuel cells, reaction kinetics of acetic anhydride, operating characteristics of a CO2 absorption column, and desalination of water through reverse osmosis. His research ranges from determining statistical significance of trace heavy metal concentrations in a water shed in northern Peru to using chemical characteristics of water to determine the sourcing to a watershed in Great Basin National Park in northeastern Nevada.

“With the addition of Rob to our Modality Solutions team of cold chain management experts we’re on track to continue to grow,” said Modality Solutions President, Gary Hutchinson. “We want to be the preferred partner to provide engineering assistance as it relates to thermal packaging engineering solutions for highly-regulated and tightly-controlled industries. Rob will be instrumental in helping us achieve these objectives for our clients.”

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