Modality Solutions Gary Hutchinson Named Columnist for Cold Chain IQ

Modality Solutions Gary Hutchinson Named Columnist for Cold Chain IQ

Cold chain subject matter expert, Gary Hutchinson, president of Modality Solutions has been named a columnist for Cold Chain IQ – Temperature Control Logistics and Quality Network.

Houston, Tex. April 16, 2015 — Modality Solutions, a company that delivers integrated cold chain management systems for highly regulated industries, is pleased to announce its President, Gary Hutchinson, has been name a monthly columnist for Cold Chain IQ – Temperature Control Logistics and Quality Network ( His column titled, Global Cold Chain Connections, is dedicated to sharing important cold chain information for today’s life sciences, pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chains.

Cold Chain IQ, part of International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC), maintains the largest cool chain pharmaceutical international database, offering strategic partners, its members and contributors an opportunity to network, share ideas and disseminate best practice information across the globe. As an international resource center for the temperature control life science professional, Cold Chain IQ delivers insightful, unbiased information about today’s hot topics. It focuses on all areas of temperature controlled logistics, distribution and quality in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

As a contributor, Hutchinson’s column, Global Cold Chain Connections, falls in the Supply Chain & Security category. His first article, “Today’s Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Network is Increasingly Complex and Involves Many Players” was released on April 9 and can be viewed at

Hutchinson’s columns will focus on competing priorities, changing expectations, cost pressures, sustainability initiatives, and emerging markets – all of the challenges facing cold chain management professionals every day. He will cover solutions that deliver value in the supply chain and enhance a company’s regulatory reputation by ensuring compliance, product quality and safety. Engineers and manufacturers face economic and regulatory pressures, accelerating costs, technology changes, and the need to constantly adapt their business models. The advent of more widely distributed supply chains and many other influences demand greater investment in tools and expertise.

“As we gear up for the life sciences cold chain market’s growth to an estimated $307 billion in 2018 — up from today’s $237 billion as listed in Pharmaceutical Commerce, our collective efforts in best practices will drive the next wave of pharma’s decisions and actions,” said Hutchinson. “I am excited about this opportunity to share how to integrate quality systems, risk management, product requirements, and validation activities.”

“Pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chains today are international, rife with risk and are comprised of many stakeholders,” said ColdChain IQ Editor, Andrea Charles. “Bringing Gary on board to share his insights on efficient supply chain integration and processes was a natural for our network.”

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About Gary Hutchinson 
Gary Hutchinson was recognized by his peers as a 2012 Temperature Controlled Logistic Leader by the international pharmaceutical cold chain community, as compiled and reported by Cold Chain IQ. Prior to co-founding Modality Solutions in 2011, Hutchinson was Amgen’s director of global transportation where he designed logistics networks and solutions for biologics and solid oral dosages — including cold-chain clinical and commercial logistics networks, import/export compliance, packaging qualification, and transport validation. As an industry thought leader, Hutchinson is a sought-after podcast/webcast presenter and conference speaker where he covers cold chain management, transport validation, carrier performance management, and the implementation of quality systems across the supply chain. He holds a MBA in logistics and finance from The Ohio State University and has been designing and implementing controlled environment logistics networks in the global life sciences industry for more than 20 years.

About Modality Solutions 
Modality Solutions delivers integrated cold chain management solutions for highly regulated industries. Its Advantage Transportation Simulation Laboratory™ helps companies test the effects of transportation environmental hazards on their formulations. Key areas of service are: ensure regulatory compliance; deliver cold chain thermal packaging design / qualification and controlled-environment logistics solutions; conduct transport simulation testing; decrease development cycle times for a faster route-to-market; and develop transport validation strategies to support global regulatory applications. Contact Modality Solutions at (888) 219-6317 or email

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