New Drug Product Formulation Testing White Paper Announced

New Drug Product Formulation Testing White Paper Announced

Written by Modality Solutions

Posted on: September 25, 2018

Modality Solutions new white paper provides a new approach to transport simulation for drug products. The goal of the drug formulation simulation study is to concurrently expose drug product to all five environmental hazards – temperature, shock, vibration, humidity, and pressure – as they occur during real-world distribution.

The white paper examines the effectiveness of simulated transport studies. It uses a holistic methodology to testing the multiple hazards in cold chain transport. In doing so, the industry best practices of the following areas are explained:

• Hot and cold exposures to a single shipment

• Non-accelerated vibration

• Exposure to multiple pressures

• Parcel-based transport simulation testing


Regulatory expectations are driving leading companies to incorporate simulated transport testing into both their development and stability programs. Learn how Modality Solutions’ Advantage Transport Simulation Laboratory™ enables the study of transport stresses on early-stage drug formulations during the development process and verification of the robustness of the commercial drug product formulation.
Click here to view the Drug Product Formulation Testing White Paper press release.


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